Log #3 ~ so far…

Soo, so far I haven’t been that much productive. As I have college exams pff.

But I have managed to learn a lot despite that.

Now what helps me learn~

Textbooks don’t really help me, like they do others. I have them and I get the info I need but what I do to really learn something I want is learning from various sources. Like when I learned about Giving and Receiving in Japanese [あげる (ageru) / くれる (kureru) / もらう (morau)]*. Anyway, what helped me get it, is learning from the textbook but also from videos and some other sites.

I don’t really find Japanese difficult as I’ve been already learning Korean and they are very similar, like their grammar and the use of verb endings and particles and so on.

But learning another language is really fun. So i’ll keep going for sure 😛

*Japanese has 2 verbs for ‘giving’ and which one to use depends on Who gives who something.


PS #1 ~ I will post some of my Jap notes next on various things (greetings, verbs, particles, etc)

PS #2 ~ I had to post sth, hence the whatever post ><


xoxo ❤




Log #2~ The one about the What Ifs.. ~

So I was thinking about how one can dream about how things could be based on what they really really want in life. And..

It really amazes me. The subconscious mind. How like it reaches out into your real world and gets things that you really really love or really hate, things that may have pleased you or made you feel bad and then just gives you another way of what would happen. Or what IF you did it that way instead of the other.


And when you are in a quiet state you can talk to it, you can question it Why? and it will answer you, it will give you another way. You can think like you want to, you can talk to it like you want to, how you really would have talked in your “real world” if you could, if you had the guts.

When in your sleep it can go through your dreams and give you what you wanna see. Like a future you, that could be you if you work hard. Your dreams, your plans, your goals you can see them. You can see what it will be like when you have them fullfilled.

For some that is sad, cause when you wake up you’re back to where you were. For others, it excites them, seeing what and how would it be if they finally reach their goals. And they start working harder and harder if what they saw pleased them. Until they make it. And I guess that’s just one tiny step to be happier, no? 🙂

Besides, it doesn’t hurt anyone to dream. And dream big. And small.

And that’s what I catch myself doing. I often catch myself talk in my head and a weird little voice will answer me. And sometimes, it scares me cause most of the time it is telling the truth. And then the dreams of what it’d be like in the future If i get to see my goals come true…

For me, that is like a “pusher”. It pushes me to keep working harder and harder until I reach where I wanna reach.


It’s also crazy how we can dream in another language. Like the language we are currently learning, or the language we want to master. crazyy ^^


Anywaaaaaay, that’s all.


PS #1 – The reason of this post was just a dream. lol

PS #2 – This post came out of the blue, really xD

xoxo ❤




Log #1 – ひらがな~ and thoughts ^^


So the Japanese writing system consists of Kanji and Kana. Kanji are Chinese characters that Japanese have adopted and Kana consists of 2 syllabaries: Hiragana and Katakana.

Hiragana is used for all native Japanese words. Katakana is used for foreign words and names. So there is a mixture of all these 3 in written Japanese, which is what makes Japanese difficult (at least for me)

Ok so I’ve learned the Hiragana. Easiest way is by writing each syllable a lot of times with the correct stroke order and repeating their sound. Another thing that helped revised them is getting a japanese song and writing the lyrics Romaji in a paper and then writing the Hiragana above each line. That helps a lot too.

Katakana is the 2nd Syllabarie of the Japanese language.  It is used for words of foreign origin (ex. pizza, sofa, party, etc), foreign places, Country names (America, Canada, etc). I Haven’t looked into Katakana just yet.

As for Kanji, oh boy.. In Japanese language nouns and stems of adjectives and verbs are written in Kanji. The hardest thing to leaaaarn. So to be able to read Japanese or most of it you need to learn it. Anyways I won’t go into that now.

I will be learning Katakana but not Kanji just yet. I think what will help me is learning actual Japanese vocabulary and each time I come across a Kanji then I’ll be learning it. That’s all I’ll doo . hh

So I have already started learning some Japanese vocabulary and Grammar and yea.

PS #1- I will be posting some of that but not like lessons for anyone cause obviously I’m just learning but for my personal preference and note taking, kay 🙂


Next: I’ll be posting some Japanese Greetings and maybe sth about Korean or Greek? yeh ^^ 


xoxo ❤


Welcome !


This, my friends, will be my First post here.

It is my first time creating a blog so I don’t know how these things work lolo but bare with me ❤

If you wanna know more about me I have a page “What is Japarean”, please go there and read all I have to say about this blog.

PS. I will be posting about my language learning journey and current faves like music, drama series or movies, etc. I will also be posting about places of Greece and maybe some Greek language lessons too (with the help of a friend 😉 )

Thank you ❤



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